My Evernotepad

EvernotepadI have been trying to include Evernote in my note-taking effectively across all platforms.  The paper based notes were always the weakest link.

With a bit of time free I have knocked up a printable that I can use to re-purpose scrap paper into an Evernotepad that will hopefully solve a few of my issues, namely:-

  1. Remembering to snap. Having a custom notepad will remind me to photograph and upload the notes either as I take them or as I dispose of the paper.
  2. Keeping it neat. As much as I try to keep them tidy my notes rarely are. The Evernotepad provides a boundary that matches the aspect ratio of my phone camera and a tags box that I can use to ensure that at least key words are legible.

It makes good use of wasted paper and I am hoping it will fit in easily with my processes and I will try and comment to let people know.

In the meantime, if it is useful to anyone, here it is –  Evernotepad.

If there is anything else out there similar to this (perhaps that caters to different paper sizes and phone cameras) let me know and I will update the post with links.