My New Favourite Game

I have a new favourite game. Here are the instructions:-

  1. Get the song An Ending (Ascent) by Brian Eno and load it on to your media player of choice.
  2. Head out to a public place. Like a park or a train station.
  3. Find  a spot with a good view of the general public going about their business.
  4. Stick your headphones.
  5. Press play.
  6. Try and work out the plot of the film that this scene is the end of.

That’s all there is to it.  The ambient Eno magic of this song is such that no matter what surrounds you it is easy to imagine that the everyday goings on of he people in your field of vision are the protagonists in some drama. Or maybe they are just the public being shown to represent the smallness of the lives of our stars in among the human race And the best part is the plots will never be the same.

The piece is written to score a movie. The piece is so liquid that it will take the form of its container. That is to say it will morph from happy ending to sad purely by what surrounds it, and how you are feeling at the time.

I started playing this game as a tease, because I imagined it this piece of music as one of those that makes it onto the bed of numerous programs at an emotionally charged moment (a la Hoppipolla, grumble grumble), but it’s fun. If you go with it it can be quite affecting. All in the name of fun.

And of course the films are always masterpieces 😉

An Ending (Ascent) (on Youtube)
Wikipedia entry for where the song is used in other media