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Weeknotes w/c 19 July 2010

This week was a frustrating one with the personnel that I needed support from not really available at any point.  Continued focus on delivery materials for the Film has left little time for anything else. This has felt like neglect.  In addition to delivery, the temporary production office will soon need vacating so preparations were made to store a number of the less critical archives from production.

Despite frustrations, being drawn into a conversation on Twitter on Tuesday led to an inspired outpouring of 2000 words on which garnered encouraging feedback.  The topic had some relevance to future endeavours. It felt good to be driven.  I also achieved Inbox Zero. That is not to say all work was done, but that all emails had been processed and listed.

At the end of the week, prior to a promotional trip for the Film there were some last minute emergency preparations and corrections that should have been avoided with better preparation on everyone’s part and greater expectation that nobody will have prepared on mine.  Took up too much time and energy and was ultimately pointless as the promotion trip was called off.

Other than that it has been a bit of a slog with brief distractions (mostly after hours).  BDO got a bit of a hacking and some good progress was made, and an old friend Ben was met for discussion of future plans.

Summary: The week maintained its momentum, but not its focus.  A lot of effort for little return.  Very happy with the personal output, though not all of it was well directed.

Goals: Again, to get a lot of the delivery list for the film sorted which remains priority 1.  Finish off BDO.


Weeknotes w/c 12 July 2010

It has been a hectic couple of weeks, exemplified by the lack of a Weeknote for last week.  It is not that nothing happened, but that I did not have an opportunity to log it.  Though I forgive anyone for thinking the former.
This week (and last weekend) I attempted to try and re-GTD my life, recreating the lists and processing some of the many inboxes.  It has helped that the move meant all of those inboxes were in boxes.  One of the downsides (though overall upsides in the scheme of things) is that the inevitable outpouring of ideas that follows processing is a hindrance and a distraction.  This has involved a comprehensive rejigging of my Re,eber the Milk usage with new lists galores.

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WeekNotes w/c 21 June 2010

As far as the Film is concerned the weeks are feeling like they are in a loop, particularly with credits.  I start the week with energy and purpose which is slowly drained as the week goes on and nothing gets resolved.  I seem to spend a lot of time justifying my position to myself as keeping up my end of the deal (Read: making sure it is not me that holds anything up).  During the week I got the credits to the what should have been final but notes continued.

With the release of WordPress 3 I decided to switch the main body of the site to it.  I am working with the platform a lot, so it makes sense.  I also managed to migrate some of the old wiki content and the WeekNotes posts.  I also started working on a long form film finance as internet startup post.

Thursday and Friday were inundated with the move, and the weekend with social engagements. That said, the forst weekend in Waterloo was outstanding.  I will be able to be more productive at home once the internet is set up.

Summary: The move went mostly without hitch though it was pretty tough graft.  Managed to be not completely unproductive in other matters which feels like a victory.  I would say that I spent too  much time on personal web projects.

Goals: Sweep up the last few bits of the move.  Spend sometime getting back on the rails.  Do something that I can describe as finished.

WeekNotes w/c 14 June 2010

As anticipated last week, this has been a busy week for personal business preparing for the move in full swing. The film continues to dominate days both with the End Roller credits and accounting.  As such, RPL has taken a back seat and probably will now until the show finishes.

Some thoughts about have taken shape and with the release of WordPress 3.0 and my increased fondness for and use of WP, I think it is useful and likely to make WP the basis for the site.

Summary: Another patchy week with all of the regularity gone astray.  I need to use that regularity as an anchor rather than an afterthought.

Goals:Move into the new flat successfully. That is all.

WeekNotes w/c 7 June 2010

This week (and next week most like;y) have not afforded much time for record keeping or review.  I can say that some of the Mr PBR client bits have come together, and having  pulled together some of the credits for the film, have watched them unravel again

Needed to catch up on the onepicture posts and did, but am aware that the discipline that it was meant to enforce is still absent and that is a concern (albeit a small one for the time being).  Likewise for the WeekNotes.

Summary: Just about got through it.

Goals for next week: Just get through it.

WeekNotes w/c 31 May 2010

A lot of attempted habits fell apart this week as various film bits became overwhelming (or at least overwhelmingly frustrating) and our flat hunting appears to have been successful.  Taig has been away so that team momentum we have been building has dissipated though it is probably worth noting to some credit that the MR PBR site has made some small progress.

Oh. And a new game was purchased.  Good game. Bad news all round productivity-wise.

As a result there is not an awful lot that I can manage to remember about a week that was a bit of a muddy puddle.

Summary: Wasted week on all counts other that XBox experience points

Goals for next week: Get Arc email on the road.  PBR functionality sorted.

WeekNotes w/c 24 May 2010

Hard to sum up achievements for this week. The Arc theatre tech stuff has taken over a great deal of time and brain waves, but should prove rewarding. Sat with Taig to formulate a large plan on Monday following Sunday’s session with Andy Edmeads. Started with the infrastructure bits for Arc. Lots of time setting up the extranet handbook site. Am pleased with how it is shaping up, but will always come down to how people use it and keep it updated.

Some time spent amending the TM2 to reflect the big changes decided upon last week. Single price plan hosting and please pay us for the advice!

It seemed to be a plan-making week and also started the first of many meetings with Tom Gisby related to keeping everything on the rails.

Paid work-wise, broke the back of credits. Onwards and… onwards.

Summary: Still need to work on 3KMR. Some good graft and exciting planning.

Goals for next week: Arc email and calendar set up and in use. Spend some(any) time n 3KMR. Look at (new customer).