DIY Camera Photo Contest

by markversus

I recently made a purchase of one of these bad boys:-

from here:-

It is an awesome, crappy plastic toy camera that you just happen to have to build yourself. While waiting for it to arrive (I still am) I was struck by the idea that this has the makings of an excellent MarkVersus challenge.  So, time to throw down. I am issuing the MarkVersus challenge to build your own camera and take a better picture than me.

The challenge shall work as follows:-

  1. Buy one of the camera kits from the site above (or the other stockists of the same/similar). It’s only £11 and if you know anyone else who wants to enter the competish there are literally pence to be saved if you buy them in bulk.
  2. Build the camera. Extra points if you document the construction.
  3. Buy some film. Remember film?
  4. Take photos. Get them developed. Get them scanned.
  5. Email them to They will be posted to
  6. The contest will run until 1 August 2011 (to give everyone a good bit of time and sunshine).
  7. I will come up with a way of picking the winner and a prize nearer then.

I understand if people are a little reserved about entering given my current winning form but I encourage everyone to join in and bring your friends. At worst we get some really awesome, crappy photographs.  See here for some examples.