Let Kev Do The Talking

by markversus

Just a short one to encourage you to have a read of some of @thatkevinsmith‘s recent online output.

I know that Kevin Smith has had success that can afford him a little luxury. Luxury that your average independent film-maker may feel they can’t afford when trying to finance and exhibit their films. But Kevin has made a pretty balls out move in respect of his latest “Red State” by eschewing the standard distribution outlets – the system within which has up until been the source of his luxury – in favour of an alternative.

He describes his process here in a post that is also a nice summing up of the way the money flows in distributing a film.

A few people have shit on the idea, either because they aren’t a fan of him, or the film, or his choice to work in this way.  Personally I think that for independent film-makers the traditional distribution model is not necessarily the most appropriate path for these films and it is good to see someone, particularly someone established and at risk of alienating an awful lot of people in the industry, taking a step in a different direction.

More people should follow suit and mix it up. And hats off to Kevin Smith for being one of the first, and let’s face it the noisiest, to give it a shot.