Weeknotes for 17/01/2011

by markversus

I wanted to get something up here for last week, even if shorter and less detailed than usual, knowing that with this week as a shoot week I am not going to have a lot of time to think and type at the same time.

Last week involved getting back into a pre-production swing for these last few shoot days. As predicted last week it dropped me into a funk.  If there are things to take from this week just gone they will be to man the heck up! It rarely ever is, and proved not to be, as bad or as tough as I imagine it, and the negative vibes are generally the result of the last enduring memory of the previous period. That is – exhaustion. Notwithstanding my need to stop psyching myself out I want to point out that the hours are stupid in production and rarely feel like they offer adequate reward.

See, there it is again.

The other thing to take from the week is the reminder that time marches on. Not in a fatalist, closer to death sense, but rather to day that despite any hiccups along the way I have never been involved in a lost day on a film. Shit gets filmed whether you achieved your precise (and occasionally impossible) goals.  Let this not be an excuse to let things slide, but a psychological reminder that no failure is going to stop the world.

There is a tendency in pre-production to make everything feel crucially important. Everything. Experience (which I don’t have so much of) is the tool that allows you to sift through other people’s priorities and work out your own. If you are going to take the weight of a film on your shoulders it helps to have a good filing system.

Highlight of the week was a convergence with @taigmcnab and @manxmidge for a brief but appetite-whetting session of shooting-the-shit. This is shooting-the-shit of the best order, where fun seems productive. Like watching The West Wing – it may technically be recreation, but I feel the smarter for it.