Weeknotes for 10/01/2011

by markversus

I am hoping that this weeknote will go further than to demonstrate the desire to maintain the process a little better, but will also mark a shift in the way the weeknotes posts are presented.  I am hoping that I can focus these summaries a little more on analysis than on purely listing activities. That kind of understanding of the run down of the week is useful but it is something that will happen anyway as part of the review. Something that offers a little more insight and hopefully prompts more comment.

This was the week that 3000 Miles Round (“3KMR”) went public.  It needed to go out a long time ago. The script is not ready to be filmed, but it needs to be seen, and judgement passed on it, and feedback given to move it along. I admit I have been doing the writer a disservice not having done it sooner.  The script has been seen by other people, and industry people at that, but always privately.  This should be a point of no return in the life of the film.  On a side note to that, I am disappointed that I am not in a position to make the details of the film as public as this post. I have thought as much about that last couple of films I have worked on but, as with those films, I have a responsibility to others (in this case the writer) to maintain a ‘traditional’ development model for 3KMR. I am continuing to feel that this manner of film-making is not the path I will be taking overall but this is not the project to enact my whims upon.  That will be another project and another time.  Ask me next week about ‘Freaky Mindbenders’. I have also decided to make public a hell of a lot more of the ideas that I am having on the site. I would like to see if eventually it becomes the default for my output.

The firing off of the script, and the re-jigging of markversus.co.uk are, of course, symptoms (or perhaps the treatment) of a general gloom this week about the course of things.  Further treatment involved making arrangements to catch up with people, ask about potential work and explain to people the possibility of moving to New York. Nothing has been mentioned on that on these pages about this yet but I am sure it will get a fair few words in the future.

The film that I was working on at the end of 2010 has started to gear up again. Despite not hating it for what it was I am afraid to say my appetite for it has disappeared.  I wish for it to be over and must remind myself to not allow this negativity to colour what is effectively only another couple of weeks.

I am genuinely looking for feedback on these weeknotes now so if you have any response please comment.