Weeknotes w/c 6/9/10

by markversus

Generally done a lot of reading in the gaps this week thanks to the Kindle.  May start adding a reading list to this but for the time being the books on the go are: “Cognitive Surplus” – Clay Shirky, “The Django Book”, “The Python Cookbook” and “PHP – The Good Parts”. a few web tutorials to go along with it.

I started this week a trip to the library to proof the 3KMR script in preparation for people seeing it.  I have found that the library works well for stuff like that. Better than the flat at least.  I will have to wait and see whether it is very laptop/wifi friendly.  In the evening I had a meeting with the line producer of the new film to discuss what she needs. I have agreed to be production co-ordinator. It was indicated that this film is a bit of a sneak attack so I will have to be be a little thin on the ground with specifics again.

Tuesday I started on some credit control, chasing old invoices.  Freshbooks doe s this very well with automation, but sometimes getting in touch directly doesn’t hurt to move things along.  In light of the upcoming new job a little harddrive spring clean took place along with the first rumblings of getting my head together for prep: reviewing the documents that have been sent through.  The evening was spent tidying up PCS for launch tomorrow and then moving it to its own domain.

Wednesday morning started with the unexpected but inevitable ‘it worked last night but now it’s broken’ on PCS. Spent a bit of time fixing this up without really understanding what when wrong. A couple of calls regarding the new film to give a starting point.  Started on looking at the archive/stock footage requirement and work permits.  In the evening I ran a few tutorials on the Yii PHP web framework.

Thursday was a day of meetings, which in itself meant not a lot of sit down work.  1st of the day: AW to fill him in on the new work and give him a heads up that he’s on speed dial when I get out of my depth. Lunch with SB of the studios who offerred desk space.  This was more of a catch up than anything else though it sounds like they are doing some interesting stuff there.  In the evening it was over to Blackheath for a BDO meeting.  The client seemed very happy with the direction the work has taken and has given some further instruction.  Cheered me up immensely.

Looking at archive stuff for the new film on Friday. Reworking some of the basic documents for the film. Looking to solve another clients automated newsletter system.  Found an appropriate alternative and had a play around.

Summary: Pretty happy with the week though took too many opportunities to lose time either side of the stuff going on.  Didn’t get the 3KMR script out as hoped.

Goals: Get the 3KMR script updated and out. Nail the archive footage job for the new site.