Weeknotes w/c 30/8/10

by markversus

This week formed the first week of self-employment but was derailed
slightly by a) the Bank Holiday and b) a scheduled driving test on
Tuesday.  To get those out of the way, Monday was spent with Lisa, it
being the last real day of holiday that we would both be around and
concluded with Raiders of the Lost Ark at the Prince Charles Cinema.
Not work as such but brilliant.  Tuesday involved a mornings driving
lesson and then the test which was cancelled once I was in the waiting
room.  Incredibly frustrating given that, however little I enjoy
driving, I felt like I might just have made it.  Of course I can say
that now without having to worry about backing it up.  Test is
rescheduled for the 22nd September.Wednesday began with housework and errands then I spent the rest of
the day researching and contacting local businesses by email to try
and find a free desk to work at. Some response but not huge.  I was
disappointed with myself at my lack of ability to cold call these
people.  I think it is based on the awareness if the lack of incentive
for them to help me out.  A meeting was set up for the following day
with a nearby TV studio. A dental appointment took me to Lewisham in
the afternoon so I coupled it with a visit to Tom Gisby for a debrief
of his Edinburgh.

Thursday started slowly.  I took a trip to pick up post and coupled it
with lunch on Dad.  Some focus on the PCS website was required and
some reasonable work was done on that.  Completed to the degree I was
able.  The meeting at the Studio went well though I am not sire if the
arrangement I would have to make would be particularly beneficial. so
the afternoon involved more research and emails into desk venues. Taig
visited in the evening though more socially than for work.

Friday involved returning correspondence mainly.  A (sort of) job
offer has come in and I read the script for that.  BDO have got back
in touch after a holiday and a meeting is being scheduled for next
week.  PCS has a launch date of next Wednesday, so some edits to te
site were made as required.

Summary:  Not a bad start to self employment though the working day is
not yet settled.  Positive about the responses to the desk and job
offer should be interesting.
Goals:  Get down to some proper script work on 3KMR and get it sent
out to some people.